our Services

Sports Medicine

Our clinic grew out of a passion for the equine athlete. Our sports medicine team works hard to ensure that every horse has the opportunity to reach their full potential throughout their career. Using cutting edge diagnostics such as MRI, digital radiology, and ultrasound with advanced therapies such as stem cell therapy, PRP, and IRAP, they are able to provide many options for the injured equine athlete. They also work extensively with barns to establish programs that help prevent injuries including evaluation of exercise programs, footing, etc.


We have 3 ACVS board certified surgeons on staff who have extensive experience in arthroscopy, laparoscopy, orthopedic surgery, airway surgery as well as general surgery including colic surgery.

Internal Medicine and Critical Care

Our Medicine service is staffed with experienced clinicians and board certified specialists who are equipped to deal with any medical situation including GI disease, cancer, neonatal care, respiratory disease, Ophthalmic issues, skin disease, and geriatric care.

Reproductive Services

We offer comprehensive reproductive services including routine fresh and frozen semen breedings, stallion collection, embryo transfer, and semen freezing. One of our specialties is dealing with the most difficult problem mares, finding ways to allow them to pass their valuable genetics on to the next generation, even if conceptions have been unsuccessful previously.

Routine Care

The saying that "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" certainly holds true in veterinary medicine. Preventative care including dentistry, vaccinations, Coggin's testing, health certificates, wellness checks, nutritional consultations, and parasite control programs are essential for keeping your horse healthy and are the foundation of our practice. 

Advanced Diagnositcs

Often to obtain an accurate diagnosis, advanced diagnostics are needed. Our hospital is well equipped to address any diagnostic need. We offer ultrasound, digital radiology, MRI, Nuclear scintigraphy, endoscopy, gastroscopy, as well as an in-house laboratory for complete blood evaluation.